What Imprisons You?

It is very easy to judge prisoners. They are the unwanted dregs of our many societies. The scum of a nation. They do the crime, so they should do the time – end of story – right? Who cares how they feel, what they think, and what their past experiences were that led them to the darker side of life?

We hear this a lot, but we have a different view. Friends for the Support of International Prisoners (FSIP) is a new nonprofit, passionate about challenging these closed and stereotypical views of criminality.

FSIP will offer psychotherapy and other services to the most under-served prisons internationally, beginning with Togo, West Africa. Psychotherapy is a way of connecting with inmates to help them to make sense of their (often chaotic and troubled) lives, understand their potential, help them to communicate more effectively, promote healthier relationships – and ultimately create healthier and more honest societies.

Those who commit crimes, or those who are unfairly accused of doing so, are often imprisoned inside of themselves, LONG before they are physically incarcerated. Prison is thus just an outer extension of a lifelong sense of entrapment in the world.

To raise awareness of this reality, and of our nonprofit, we are inviting bloggers and writers worldwide to participate in the discussion and to write articles entitled My Prison. The question we’d love you to answer in your article is ‘what imprisons YOU?’ We all get trapped inside of ourselves from time to time – so tell us about when this happens to you. The more authentic and honest, the better.

Please use the hashtag #myprison and send via Facebook or to jennifer@fsip.eu, providing name, blog address and country of residency.

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