Volunteer Positions

volunteer in africa

We have several vacancies at the moment for keen and passionate volunteers to work with us.  You may be based in Galway or you may prefer to work from home and to interact with us online.  Either is possible, so long as we maintain regular contact during the process.

You will need to commit to a duration of time with us and to attend (Skype if face to face not possible) an initial training session about the charity’s goals and objectives, during which we will co-write an action plan:

Online volunteering

No matter where you are in the world, you can offer your skills to FSIP as a volunteer by offering to help us with social media, marketing, networking, fundraising, translation and other areas which you feel could benefit us as a charity.  We are open to hearing from anybody who is over 18 and has relevant experience.  Please send your CV to jennifer@fsip.eu with a cover letter detailing your skills and experience and the length of time for which you can help us.

  • Help us to reduce rates of recidivism in prisons worldwide
  • Spread the word about FSIP to your friends, family, acquaintances and the world at large
  • Share your talents to help grow a startup charity
  • Enjoy the flexibility of volunteering online


We need motivated and committed fundraisers to help us create new campaigns on social media and elsewhere, as well as writing applications for relevant grants and appealing to CSR departments of possible corporate donors.

  • Use your skills and experience in planning and executing fundraising tasks to help our charity to move forwards to the next level!
  • Develop a network of interested donors and appeal to their generous nature
  • Create an information pack for regular donors
  • Attend meetings and help us to decide how money is used strategically for the attainment of our goals and for the creation of new ones to support our underlying objectives
  • Create and manage crowdfunding and other web based campaigns
  • Write proposals and applications for grants – both cold and responding to existing funds available

Artwork and Posters

We are interested in hearing from Artists and Creatives who can help us to create social media friendly JPEGs and PDF advertisements and announcements that will appeal to therapists and other volunteers worldwide – in a variety of languages!

Newsletter Compilation

We would like a volunteer to help with the task of building a newsletter recipient list (through emailing and liaising with Psychotherapy colleges, institutes and universities as well as other interested organisations and individuals) and to be in charge of compiling this newsletter (on a pre-designed template) and sending out to interested parties on a timely basis.

Volunteer Psychotherapists

There is much information elsewhere on this website about our key group of volunteer psychotherapists and what is required for the position, as well as what it would cost to volunteer in Africa.  If you are interested, please fill out our application form, then send your cv and a cover letter along with the form to jennifer@fsip.eu.  Please be clear about your envisaged dates and the amount of time you are prepared to spend volunteering in Africa.