Privacy Policy and Data Retention Statement

Effective from 25th May 2018

FSIP aims to be fully compliant with current GDPR legislation and to let you know how we protect any data you give to us.  GDPR replaces the previous Data Protection Act.  Identifiable information, if shared, will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

As a non-profit organisation, we have both a Data Processor and a Data Controller.   The Data Controller processes some of your personal data.  During the interview and acceptance process for volunteers, information such as passports, proofs of address, next of kin, GP, medication and insurance documentation will be gathered and held.  This is then securely stored on a password-protected PC with encrypted backup.  Nobody but the two Directors can access this information.  Paper versions are kept in a locked file for the duration of your time volunteering with us only.

Data Processing means obtaining, recording or holding information.  The definition is very wide, and most of what we do with volunteers involves a degree of processing.  We maintain records of personal data and processing activities and hold responsibility should there be a breach.


All of our volunteers and supporters have choice and control about how their data is used.  This means that volunteers have the right to withdraw consent at any time for us to hold their data.  We will never use any of your data for writing, publishing, and research or training purposes nor will we pass on to any third parties without your consent, UNLESS we consider there may be a risk to your personal safety, in which case we would contact your next of kin.

All volunteers working with FSIP in Africa are offered weekly supervision and check-ins online for several reasons:  a) to support and ensure the practice is safe, b) to comply with legal and ethical requirements in our home country and c) to inform our ongoing Best Practice methods of working with prisons and prisoners, especially in cultures that differ to our own.  When a therapist shares client material in supervision, they are sharing with the organisation and this must therefore be done anonymously and with the utmost respect for client confidentiality.

Note Keeping

FSIP will take very brief process and content notes during check-ins and supervision sessions in order to help us to reflect upon the work we are doing and its effectiveness.  These notes are always typed up and kept on a password protected computer, with initial written notes securely shredded.  We hold this minimal information, anonymised, for seven years, after which it is deleted securely.  All clients and therapists have a right to see the information we hold should they wish to.  Clients and Therapists alike can also ask us to delete all or any of the information that we hold.  There are however some details we need to keep due to legal and professional obligations.

Data Storage

We keep all sensitive data safely on a password protected PC and in password protected files which only Directors can access.  We dispose of data by permanent deletion and shredding.

We store enquiry emails for a period of 2 years, and may send out one ‘opt-in’ email for a newsletter if the nature of your enquiry was to find out more about us on a more regular basis.  Should you opt in, your email and name will be securely stored on MailChimp, through which there is always an ‘opt out.’

Social Media

We may from time to time engage with members of the public through our Social Media sites which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We will never send direct marketing messages to individuals unless these are in response to an initial enquiry.

In the event of a complaint

Please contact us directly if you wish to make a complaint about the way your data is stored and used.  If we cannot resolve this, you could then contact


We hope that you will be satisfied with regard to consent and data and privacy policies.  Remember you may withdraw consent at any time without detriment.  We will review consent policies on a yearly basis to check that relationships, processing and purposes have not changed.

Signing the Policy

All Therapists and Volunteers who decide to work with FSIP from 25th May 2018 must sign the printed version of this Consent Policy.


The Board

Friends for the Support of International Prisoners (FSIP)