In Prison because of my Beliefs!

We all have beliefs, based on what we have learnt from family, friends or society throughout our lives. Some are abundant beliefs and some are limiting.


It is my limiting beliefs that imprison me. They keep me stuck in one place, even when I know I could move forward and that I am capable, but I always come back to this ‘prison’.


My ‘prison’ surrounds the belief that my passions may not be a realistic or reliable career choice and thus I should not go for them. However, I have an inner knowing, away from this prison, that a career following my passions is right for me; it’s ok to do things differently from the crowd that surrounds me. I need to step away from what controls me and listen to my heart.


I think we would all be living a life that was best for us, if we listened to our hearts more than listening to the surrounding ‘chatter’.


What are your limiting beliefs?


#myprison by Aoife

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