Thank you for visiting FSIP.  We are a new nonprofit and as such we need funds in order to continue to grow.  We very much welcome donations of any amount and will be extremely transparent about how your money is used.

We need funds desperately in order to continue to benefit:

  • Prisoners:  Very rarely seen as a ‘needy’ group, offenders are often amongst the most downtrodden and abused of society, individuals who had to face impossibly trying situations right from birth.  Ironically, they are rarely given the opportunity to see why and how they can change.  In Ireland, there is little access to mental health support in prison.  In Togo, prisons are overcrowded, suffering is rife, suicide rates are shocking, yet recidivism is high, just because sometimes the reality outside is no better. 
  • Everyday Society:  Vulnerable members of society are often the first victims of crime.  By addressing crime at its very heart, working with the psychology of offenders, we are helping to create safer societies and more harmonious relationships amongst the most troubled families and groups.
  • Togolese Psychologists:  We support and share with local Psychologists who work tirelessly and often without pay to help prisoners understand and rebuild their lives.
  • Psychotherapists and Counsellors:   We provide incredible opportunities to experience a new client group, a new culture, new programmes and initiatives.  The knowledge gained can be applied to future work with clients and there will be ample occasions for re-engaging  with the work of FSIP.

volunteer therapy


With your funds, we will be able to:

  • Send Psychotherapists and other professionals to Togo who could not afford to go otherwise due to high costs of flights and accommodation
  • Fund valuable research into the impact of Psychotherapy in prisons, which can help to create change worldwide (note the success of recent programmes on our Facebook here)
  • Fund our new mental health focused re-integration programme in Ireland so that we can roll this out across counties and monitor success rates as we go
  • Set up a virtual therapy service using a computer and an internet connection

You can donate straight away below via PayPal.  Just tick the box if you are happy to make this a monthly donation.  No amount is too small and we are extremely grateful for every donation we receive!