Thank you for visiting FSIP.  We are a new charity and as such we need funds in order to continue to grow.  We very much welcome donations of any amount and will be extremely transparent about how your money is used.  We need funds desperately in order to continue to benefit:

  • The wonderful Psychotherapists and Counsellors we send to Africa – who return with extensive knowledge and new experiences which can then be applied to their work at home with private practice and clinic clients
  • The local African Psychologists who work tirelessly (and often without pay) to improve mental health and human rights records in Africa
  • The Prisoners themselves, some of whom have been manipulated into a life or an episode crime and have ended up paying the cost of imprisonment  (often a disadvantaged upbringing, childhood abuse, poverty and poor mental health in the family)
  • African society as a whole – prisons are overcrowded, prisoners get sick, suffering is rife, suicide rates are shocking, yet the rate of recidivism is still high.  It is hard to believe given the appalling conditions inside, but some people commit petty crimes (stealing bread, etc) in order to go back into prison with goods to sell – just to make enough loose change so that their families can actually BUY food on the outside.   The more volunteers we can send, the more psychological change we can make – society can only be changed by working with the most disadvantaged

With your funds, we will be able to:

  • Send out Psychotherapists and Counsellors who could not afford to go otherwise due to high costs of flights and accommodation
  • Fund valuable research into the impact of psychotherapy in prison, which can also help to create change back home as well as in Africa
  • Donate towards new projects at the prison which can help to save lives i.e., medical costs, operations, breakout areas
  • Set up a virtual therapy service using a computer and an internet connection so that therapists back home can get experience and hours whilst still helping those in Africa

You can donate straight away below via PayPal, or otherwise contact for detail of bank account for regular monthly direct debits.  No amount is too small!