After reviewing qualifications and experience, the most important consideration we have is that the hearts and minds of potential volunteers are in the right place.

We do not want to take huge sums of money from volunteers.  Our aim is to support you as much as we can.  We want to provide a safe container, so that your experience in Africa is as enriching and enlightening for you as we hope it is for the local psychologists and prisoners whom you are there to support.

Your costs be for your flight, your injections/tablets, your travel and health insurance, your accommodation, your transport in Togo and your living expenses (food, trips, toiletries, etc).  We also charge a very small admin fee of €150.00 which goes towards the running of the charity (website updates, accountancy fees, legal fees, etc).


Costs to Consider

We estimate that your costs will be roughly as follows (note this is in euros €):


Return flight to Lome from Europe €600.00-€1200.00 (depending on time of year and departure airport)
Travel insurance for three months €150.00  -Please contact us if you have questions about insurance or would like us to recommend a provider.  Please note that you must take out insurance in order to do the placement.  You must show us your insurance policy details and sign a document stating that you are happy with the level of cover you have chosen.

Monthly accommodation including all meals

€300.00 with local family (note this is €10 per night, including all meals). If you prefer more privacy then we can arrange for something private and slightly more expensive. If you prefer something more basic, this can also be arranged.  If several volunteers apply together, we can arrange for you to live together in an appartment.

Note that a packed lunch can still be provided even if you are out for the day.

Monthly transportation by mototaxi within Lome

€70.00. We can arrange for a mototaxi to take you to prison and back each day and also to transport you where you wish to go in the evenings and at weekends. This will be a trusted local person known by the organisation.  They can also help you with any purchases, shopping, errands, etc.

It is recommended that you stick to your own driver, particularly in the evenings. Note that our local partner has one car which may be booked for airport pickups, initial transportation to the prison, and any emergencies.

Spending money

€200.00 per month spending money is enough, particularly if you do not wish to live an extravagant life in Togo. This would allow you to eat out at hotels, to buy gifts, and to go on a weekend trip or two.  One especially popular location to visit is Kpalime where you can see the cocoa and coffee plantations and watch live performances of Togolese music and dance.

Internet Fees

We recommend that you purchase a dongle for Internet access.  This costs around €30.00 for the month to include the dongle and a good amount of data.


You may wish to take some extra money in case anything arises at the prison that you would like to support. For example, many of the overseas prisoners have no money for food so you may like to take them some rice, fruit and vegetables on some of the days you are there. You may want to buy products from the artisans or even start your own project. From past experiences, it is recommended that you set some money aside for this.

Admin Fee

€150.00 – towards the costs of funding FSIP in Ireland and our ongoing communication with Togo.


Note that anti-malarials and vaccinations are your own responsibility.  You must show us your vaccination certificates before travelling.  Yellow Fever certificates will be requested at Lome airport by the health authorities.  Anti-malarials are your own choice.  Depending on your country of residence, you may have to pay for these.

The usual cost for all vaccinations will be close to €300.00

You may also wish to take a medical ‘kit’ with you (we can recommend items for this such as mosquito net, mosquito sprays, plasters, tablets, vitamins, etc) which would usually cost around €100.00


You do not need a visa before you travel.  Upon arrival you will be asked to fill in a form at the airport and will be asked to pay a fee of around €25 for the visa.  Your driver will then take you to extend your visa after a couple of days.  Each month costs around €15 (please inquire upon application and we will give you current costs).  You will need to take 6 passport photos with you – for the visa and for your prison entry badge.

Extra costs

Should you choose to have continuing supervision with your current supervisor at home, you will need to factor this into your costs (typically €280 per month for a once weekly session – note that you will typically be conducting around 20-25 client hours per week).

FSIP offers free weekly supervision from therapist peers (not guaranteed to be from a qualified supervisor) but there is no local supervision offered in Africa as Psychotherapy itself is a new and constantly developing area of work.


If you need to fundraise in order to pay for your trip, we can offer tips and advice on how to do this.  See one of our blogs for more ideas.

We also gratefully accept donations into FSIP to keep us going, pay our basic costs and fund new projects. If you have any funding ideas or would like to donate, please contact us with DONATION in the header or donate now via PayPal on our donations page