Which is the more bearable?


A recap…

Just thinking back to a post I wrote about prison a couple of weeks back here, and how I am in that state of mind again.

My mind is being driven crazy by thoughts, every thought that is possible to think, I have thought about 10 times in the last hour. And yes this is annoying, but if it wasn’t for the pressures of the outside world, meeting people every day, keeping family members happy, exams, etc… this would be a lot more bearable.

Right now…well all day, I was questioning “wouldn’t living in a jail cell be so much easier? Being isolated from the outside world. Just conversing with a couple of people. Not having to step outside of your door. Not having to cook yourself food. So much simpler and all I would have to do is commit a crime!”

To be honest, that isn’t going to happen, but I can understand how easily crimes could be committed. For the crime but also for the sanity/security of prison. This world is tough out here.

And especially for those who have already been in prison, it’s so much easier to go back.

By Casey.

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