Our Story

volunteer africaFSIP was founded by Jeni Whittaker of Soul Focus Therapy.  Jeni started FSIP after a three month experience in Togo working in 2 public hospitals in Lome and in the Prison Civile de Lome.

Whilst in Togo, Jeni was invited to interpret for a non-Togolese prisoner who spoke only Portuguese.  She was struck by the level of emotional suffering she saw both in him and throughout the prison.

Having recognised a need for assistance to non-local prisoners who did not have families in Togo to support them financially nor emotionally, Jeni met with a wonderful local organisation called ATPOAD who have been working tirelessly with the Togolese prison system for 20 years.

Not being trained therapists themselves, the organisation was already looking for a way to provide a therapy service in the prison, in conjunction with their own voluntary health monitoring service and their desire to create an effective rehabilitation programme.

Jeni was introduced to the Prison Chief and granted permission to work in the prison.  The positive impact of the work was recognised by the Prison Chief and by ATPOAD.  From this brief yet effective experiment, FSIP was born.

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