FSIP_Banner_Tree_Illustration_450x5505Welcome to Friends for the Support of International Prisoners, a new charity working with volunteer psychotherapists to provide much needed mental health support for prisoners.

We are a charity based in Ireland and run by volunteers.  We work with qualified therapists to provide desperately needed therapeutic services with prisoners doing time inside African prisons.  We are also looking at arranging placements in Irish prisons.

We are currently looking for volunteer psychotherapists to work in a Togolese prison for a minimum of 5 weeks and also have vacancies for volunteers in other capacities.

Prisoners in Togo are in urgent need of psychotherapy, counselling and many other services. Although sessions with Clinical Psychologists are provided for a small number of prisoners, there is a serious lack of the level of support needed to help prisoners truly reflect and make changes in their lives.   This is the reason we are making a call out for volunteer psychotherapists to come and make a difference.

The inmates we work with need help understanding where they went wrong or what exactly happened to them; and in some cases working through issues such as anger, abandonment, abuse, torture, relationship breakdowns as well as illnesses that have begun whilst in prison.


We are currently recruiting qualified volunteer psychotherapists who wish to volunteer in Africa, for La Prison Civile de Lome in Togo – a tiny country bordering Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso.  The national language is French, but we help prisoners from all over the world who have been imprisoned in Lome and hence volunteer psychotherapists can use English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages to help prisoners.

Our mission is to start small, do great work, and benefit more and more people over time – prisoners and therapists alike.  We not only take on volunteer psychotherapists for Africa, but are also looking for volunteer psychotherapists who are interested in possible placements in Irish prisons.  Working in a prison is a huge challenge, but an extremely rewarding one.

We could not do any of the work we do without volunteers – see how you can get involved here.